Meet the dream team.
Laura Kim
Laura Kim

Specialties: Creative and UX management, UX/visual/interaction design, business analysis, and usability testing

Past Gigs: TIAA, E*TRADE, American Express, McGraw-Hill Education, Sanofi-Aventis

Fun Fact: A house club DJ in her previous life – now crickets and cicadas are music to her ears

Ariel Rey
Ariel Rey

Specialties: Product management, business analysis, project and program management, usability testing

Past Gigs: Viacom, Viggle, Time Inc, NewsCorp

Fun Fact: Not-so-former goth who believes
animals > people

Juliana Brafa
JuliAna Brafa

Specialties: Copywriting, project management, usability testing, and video content production

Past Gigs: Institute for Integrative Nutrition, SXSW, UCB Comedy, IFC, the Guardian

Fun Fact: Special skills include cheese consumption and naming all 50 states in alphabetical order


P.S. Clients love us.
"Their work was amazing"

"UXDC has launched a complete transformation of my department, serving as a springboard into a new focus on Design Thinking and Agile Product Development for us, and the entire City of Burbank felt the impact.

The collective Oohs and Ahhs that I received from the City Executives when I showed them the final designs and prototype told the whole story for me. The results went far beyond what they ever imagined."

Kevin Gray, CIO, the City of Burbank
"A truly powerful team"

"I brought in UXDC to handle an overflow project. They conducted an expert review that’s firmly grounded in UX principles. They laid out the user journey, accurately identified key issues, and made clear and actionable recommendations.

They know how to pull together and finish the play."

Ann Marie Mccarthy, director of user experience, forrester RESEARCH
"Getting UXDC’s consulting services was a very smart move for our business...."

As UX and product experts, they gave us important insights when we were initially designing our website and booking platform at Upflex, and helped us shape our product’s launch."

Ginger dhaliwal,
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, upflex

“It's hard to say how much I love UXDC without swearing because they are so f@%k$!g awesome!"

Ariel is my product therapist – one hour of talking with her, and all the internal confusion gives way to clarity and purpose. The UXDC team is a joy to work with. They are great listeners and were able to absorb the concepts we were trying to articulate and transform them into a rich, elegant user experience design."
Jeff O'Connell, Chief Technology Officer, Spokenlayer

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