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Strategy & Product Development


Now that we’ve defined the right questions, we work to strategize, outline, and evaluate solutions utilizing tried and true product development methodology.

Our Strategy & Product Development process can include:


Product Requirements

Outline a concrete list of business, functional, and technical requirements the product needs to meet

Product Strategy and Management

Guide, strategize, and oversee the product’s big picture lifecycle progression - from inception to creating an MVP to getting the product to market

Feature Prioritization

Define the roadmap to deliver maximum value quickly, weighing complexity and any business considerations or constraints

Content Strategy

Edit and/or create content, considering brand voice, tone, style, and consistency

Use Cases

The process of laying out tasks from the user's perspective

User Stories

Simple statements that describe a type of user, what they want, and why they want it; captures the description of a product feature from an end-user perspective and defines acceptance criteria

Card Sorting

Method used to improve the labelling, grouping, and organization of content