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Research & Planning


We dig deep to uncover key information that will drive overall strategy. First, we get to the heart of what you want. We evaluate and analyze all information, conduct research, clarify and prioritize your business goals and requirements, and then create a plan outlining the project roadmap.

Our Research & Planning process can include:


Stakeholder and User Interviews

Discussions conducted with the client's key project team and/or users to gain insights and help identify the project’s challenges, opportunities, and requirements

User Research

Investigate the needs and wants of customers via surveys, face-to-face and/or contextual interviews, testing, and focus groups

Heuristic Analysis

Conduct an expert assessment of content and usability

Content Assessment

Evaluate all content, identify gaps, and edit or create additional content; consider brand voice, tone, style, and consistency

Competitive Analysis

Research and assess the product or company’s competition

Market Research

Analysis of market information and structure, including buyers’ perceptions

Business & Functional Analysis

Outline and analyze the business goals and analytics, use-cases, technical requirements, and metrics plan

Discovery Workshops

A collaboration session for generating ideas to get team members thinking about the project at large; can help raise issues, inform estimates, and identify new measurement opportunities

Customer Journey Mapping

A visual or graphic interpretation of the overall story from an individual customer's perspective of their relationship with an organization, service, product, or brand, over time and across channels

Persona Creation

A representation of a type of customer to help to align strategy and goals to specific user groups

Sketch Sessions

A rapid freehand drawing method to help visualize screen-to-screen interactions that creates a foundation upon which to overlay the actual design work; helps explore conceptual possibilities and define a direction

Design Sprints

A flexible, collaborative product design exercise that helps answer critical business questions, solves design problems, and tests the viability of a solution

Analytics & Metrics

Use of data to measure activity, assess outcomes, and to answer business questions