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Project Management


We utilize various tools and systems to stay organized and structure our workflow, and our team can accommodate either Agile or Waterfall project management methodologies.


An adaptive, collaborative, iterative design and development process that includes regular communication and planning activities like daily scrums, sprint planning, backlog prioritization, and retrospectives


A linear, predetermined, non-iterative process that sequentially flows through the analysis, design, and development phases

Both Project Management methodologies include:

Project Planning

Defining the scope of work and creating the practical roadmap to the final product launch

Project Kickoff

The official start of a project where all team members meet and begin work

Project Tracking

Documentation and management of project progress, including completed and upcoming tasks, using project management software like Jira


Proactive communication between teams throughout the project

Dependency Management

Tracking and planning for task or milestone dependencies within a project


Valuable evaluations of the key lessons learned during the project process