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UX Case Study

Health Coach Training App for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition


Delivering a cutting-edge learning experience for IIN students. 



Thousands of students and graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school, depend on the its flagship iOS application to access curriculum and course materials. As the company’s core product, ensuring the app’s quality was always a top priority.


From bug fixes to new feature requests, an app is ever-evolving. New challenges continually arise via customer feedback, quality assurance testing, and demands from company leadership. These enhancements must be managed, prioritized, and put into action to uphold a quality digital product. The Institute needed a highly organized Product Manager who knew the app inside and out, had a keen eye for quality, and could balance both customer and business needs.



Improvements included:

  • Adding and editing educational content

  • Incorporating state accreditation requirements

  • Implementing video within the app

  • Re-architecting the app’s organizational structure

  • Updating the app’s visual design

  • Executing updates necessitated by iOS’s ongoing platform changes

  • Conducting user acceptance testing (UAT)

  • Overseeing the business and functional process across teams

  • Reporting and presenting product updates to stakeholders and users

  • Releasing weekly updates that included critical bug fixes

  • Managing new update releases in the App Store

These efforts resulted in an uptick in downloads, improved app stability, and a high quality product that garnered rave reviews.