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UX Case Study

E*TRADE Mutual Funds App for Smartphone and Tablet


Expanding and improving E*TRADE customers' trading capabilities.



To increase trading opportunities for its customers and stay leading-edge in a fast-paced industry, E*TRADE knew it had to provide a quality mutual fund investment experience on desktops AND on the go. But their mobile app offered limited mutual fund capabilities. We were tasked with closing functional gaps between the website and mobile app, while also improving the experience so it was up to par with competitors such as Charles Schwab & Fidelity.


E*TRADE’s website allowed mutual fund customers to do it all - access “screeners” for filtering data, view quotes, and place trades. But the app proved problematic. On a smartphone, it lacked screeners, and on a tablet, the mutual fund features were simply non-existent. These functional limitations within E*TRADE’s mobile space did not align with customer expectations and put the company at a competitive disadvantage.



Adding mutual fund functionality across all devices was a top customer priority. First, I incorporated missing screening features to the mobile app, which allowed customers to:

  • Use flexible search parameters

  • Utilize pre-defined screens based on demographics, portfolio strategies, and specific types of investments

  • Save search criteria and export it to Excel

  • Set alerts and add mutual funds to a watch list

  • Compare and analyze screener results by opinions, ratings, price, performance, earnings, etc.

We also refactored the screeners on the website to create parity in functionality and design, thus ensuring a consistent and seamless customer experience across all platforms.

These enhancements provided crucial trading information to customers, expanded their trading opportunities, and helped boost E*TRADE’s competitive position in the marketplace.